ttip in it´s commercial environment

One of the first big engagements is Aimondo AG in Schwende (AI), Switzerland. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and „mondo“ for „global“, the scalability. A synounymous combination.

Aimondo owns a technolgy which enable eCommerce market participants to know the entire competition in detail and near real time. This is essential for success in a fully transparent market which is dominated by one de facto leader, Amazon.

Based upon Intellectual Property owned by TTIP, invented and further developed by Heinrich Müller during the last decade, Aimondo GmbH in Dusseldorf (Germany) created a robotic software vicinity collecting Big Data in a big scale from publicly available sources. Those data are compressed into managable Smart Data.

This basic of self learning intelligent algorithms  provides business insight for hundreds, thousands and even hundred thousands of products at a keystroke. Reliable, accurat and presented within a highly meaningful intuitivly usable management dashboard. Smart entrepeneurs just define their business strategy combined with short term tactics and get the right prices even multiple times a day. And right prices – also often called „Dynamic Pricing“ are the most most important cornerstone of holistic commercial success in the rapidly growing connected-world.

Knowing the rules of online trading inside out, Aimondo can almost guarantee deeper sustainable success in the web-marketplaces. That´s directly vital for web shops and the only weapon against the ever growing dominance of Amazon and the likes.

But it is also a fine tool for responsible and successful manfufacturers to have a daily insight of market trends and developments in ordert o position their brand exactly as they want it within todays highly competitive local and international markets. The Aimondo technology is language-independant. Therefore scalable all over the world.

Today Aimondo has a growing team of highly motivated and knowledgeable international developers. The proof of concept is done long since – the first clients (big names with a bona fide reputation) are very satisfied. They use the SaaS systems and its AI every day – it never failed so far. And it has quite some extra function which are not described here as they are not only unique but also not suitable for public knowledge.

In addition, the combination of a very sophisticated database environment, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning algorithms, the powerful Cloud infrastructure and blockchain-secured data-security form the basic of one of TTIPs latest projects in the MedTec field. Patents are in the process of being registered and we will release further information when and if the patents are granted. Not before as the new technology combination will most probably not only save numerous lives but also open new commercial dimensions. Stay tuned, visit this site from time to time, lean on the TTIP management team and you´ll be one of the first to know more.